April 24, 2017

QR codes in the classroom

You have QR codes, now what? How can you use them in the classroom....
QR codes are simple to make and easy for students to use in the classroom. They are great for listening centers, write the room,  read alouds or research projects. QR codes help students stay on track and focused during assignments, plus they are just so much fun to use!!!

If you work with young students you know the hassle of  them constantly clicking on something they shouldn't. Or clicking the red X and getting out of the app completely! Ahhh you gotta love the joys of working with techology. QR codes help students stay on task and stay focused. QR codes make great listening centers and are even great for sending home information to parents. 

If you have technology in your classroom, iPad, iPod or chromebooks using QR codes is a great way to use it!

Check out these step by step instructions and I've included a freebie to get you started.


IF you have a Zoo trip planned or have an animal unit that you teach, try this awesome new resource. 
ZOO Animal QR Research Project. 10 ZOO animals for students to study and learn about. Included are several ways to report what your learn. 

Would love to hear how your use QR codes in your classroom!!! 

April 8, 2017


4 Days till Spring Break!! I can't even tell you how ready we are! This week is packed with Fun Spring Activities. We have our egg hunt (I love doing this with my firsties), field day (UGH!!) and getting my firsties ready for our testing when we return. I love this time of year except for the testing. Spring is exciting because we get to see the fruits of our labor when we see how much our little ones have grown this year.

My students love learning about Plants and Animal Life Cycles. Check out our plant unit and grab this freebie too!