November 22, 2015

November TPT Sale

Who's ready for the last two days before Thanksgiving break.  Me!!! I'm so excited that we are having a sale in our TPT store on all our November products. These packs are great for morning work, math and literacy stations or independent work. Our testing window opens up this week, so we will being our Diebels testing this week, so I wanted to create some printables that would be engaging and easy for students to use while I am busy testing! Got to get my Diebels on this week. So check out these No prep November packs in our store for 20 % off

November 17, 2015

Featured Teacher



This week our Featured Teacher is Heidi Martin from Droppin' Knowledge!

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Heidi Martin is a 1st Grade Teacher & Whole Brain Teaching Staff Member!  She is also a mother of a 13 year old daughter (lord help her), a newlywed, and expecting a baby boy in January!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.15.34 PM.png

Heidi has been a teacher for 4 years at a priority school in Racine, WI.  You can read all about her teaching journey HERE!  She was voted 2nd best teacher in her county last year & recently won 3rd Runner up in the Thred-Up – Raise a Hand for Teachers Campaign!  Heidi has a passion for helping under-privileged students & loves to watch her First Graders grow into leaders.  Through Whole Brain Teaching, Heidi teaches her students to become teachers & run a self-managing classroom.  Whole Brain Teachers like to call it “teacher heaven”!  You can read all about Heidi’s WBT Journey here!

If you want to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching, join Heidi for WBT Wednesdays on her blog and Blab.IM show! Just search WBT on Blab to find upcoming & past shows!

Besides running her blog, Heidi is also a TpT Author!  You can find her store at Droppin’ Knowledge with Heidi Martin. Some of her newest products include…

These packs are perfect for working on sentence structure while team-building at the same time!

To see how she uses these in her classroom (and see other versions available), CLICK HERE!

Her **BEST SELLER** is her Editable Newsletter Templates!

This comes in a PowerPoint format so all you have to do is add your own text!

Now, how about some FREEBIES?

For 2 days only (November 17th & 18th), you can get a copy of Heidi’s Add the Room activity ~ November Edition! & the Add the Room DECEMBER edition for FREE!

A favorite forever freebie are Heidi’s “Author Check” cards!
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.54.33 PM.png

Get more Freebies HERE!

Thank you for checking out this week’s Featured Teacher!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you back on Tuesday, December 1st to meet Elisabeth from Literacy and Lattes!

November 15, 2015

Digital Publishing with Chatterpix

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Too blessed to be stressed. Isn't that the saying? Well not so sure I believe that, yes  I am super blessed but the stress still seems to find me. As a Pinnacle leader for my county, I have to incorporate technology into my lessons. I love having 20 ipads that come along with this leadership position, but getting 21 students to complete a simple digital publishing project can sometimes be daunting , it's supposed to be easy right??? Well it wasn't easy but  I was bound and determined to have my students digitally publish a writing piece before parent conference, AND it actually happened. This project also had a math integration. We love ready Spookley the Square pumpkin and it just so happens that our math unit for October was Shapes and Patterns. So after reading Spookley students chose a shape and made their own Spookleys. Next we used Chatterpix(free in the app store, see icon above) for students to animate their Spookley. Its super easy to use. You just take a picture of the shape or whatever it is you want to animate. Then follow the directions to make a mouth and record your voice. My students wrote once sentence on how to be a nice friend. I took this one step further. After making their Chatterpix, I uploaded each to a file on my goggle drive then  I created a QR code for each one using After printing out all the codes, I put them on the student created Spookleys and made a display in the 
in the hall. On Conference night students could not wait to come and scan their Spookleys for their parents to see.
Here are some of our finished products

November 10, 2015

Featured Teacher Tuesdays

Our next Featured Teacher is Carol Polston over at The Chocolate Teacher

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Carol is in her 23rd year of teaching.  She has taught mostly first grade with a few years of second and kindergarten sprinkled in here and there.  Her love is definitely first grade.  Her favorite part of teaching first grade is seeing the growth in her students from the beginning to the end of the year.  This growth never ceases to amaze her.  She feels blessed to be able to be a part of her students’ growth!
Carol has been married for 38 years.  She and her husband have three grown children and two adorable grandchildren.  An unusual fact about Carol is that she had the privilege to teach all three of children in first grade.  Her older two children she taught as a homeschool teacher and her youngest child was in her 1st grade classroom in public school.  She feels happy that she got to teach all three of them how to read!  Her youngest daughter is now also a teacher (teaching P.E.- a love she did not get from her mom).  
Carol loves teaching just about every subject (ok, maybe not P.E.).  She especially loves to teach phonics and reading!  Grammar is also a subject she enjoys teaching.  Carol started creating phonics and language units to sell on TpT a little over a year ago.  She enjoys creating units to use in her own classroom and to share with others.  The first grade classrooms in her district use her phonics and language units.  You can click the links below to see a few of these.

She also enjoys providing activities to get her students up and moving as they learn.  To encourage this, she has created Write the Room activities.  These activities are a bunch of fun.  Students move around the room looking at cards that are pinned to the wall and they record their answers on an answer sheet.  These are a highly anticipated activity in her class.  She has created quite a few to go along with her weekly phonics skills.  You can check out her short vowel word family bundle here:
Carol also just completed a beginning mapping unit.  She used it in her classroom and the kids loved it.  The culminating activity in this unit is a map skill lap book.  You can see it here:
Carol has quite a few free products in her store.  Here are two that you can try that will introduce you to her phonics units and Write the Rooms:
kn phonics freebie.png Slide1.PNG

Are you wondering why she named her store with the unusual name- The Chocolate Teacher?  You can read all about why she did that here:   
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You can follow Carol at these sites:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about Carol.

November 7, 2015

November is here!

So hard to believe that November is here. Parents conferences have come and gone and now we are moving into one of the shortest months for us. We had two days off this week, Veterans day the next and really just one full week to teach....Maybe that is why November is my favorite month!

So excited to use all of our No Prep November Packs. We also begin assessing our students this month so these packs are great for stations, centers or independent work. Check these out in our TPT store

November 2, 2015

Yay! November is here!!!

Anyone else glad to say goodbye to October? Here in NC we had a straight week of rain, full moon, red ribbon week and Halloween!! It has been wild to say the least! And like we say in the south 'Bless their hearts", not sure who that would be for, the teacher or the students! I say the teachers. So that is why I am glad to say goodbye to October! Super busy getting ready for parent conferences this week and trying to just stay organized. So today I just needed a moment to sit and clear my table, you know the one that has all the millions of papers stacked on it, parent notes, contraband, a Hershey bar wrapper and a few pattern blocks too. Anyone else guilty of this.... So in celebration of November arriving, I couldn't wait to let my kiddos try out some pages from our newest pack. My kids loved them. I don't know why I get so excited to use all the "themey" stuff but I just love it. Took a few pictures and had to giggle as one of my cuties still had some zombie bites from Halloween.
You can check out this November Math Pack Here
Happy November Y'all!!!!

So excited to introduce this week's awesome teacher/author

Our Feature teacher this week is Misty Savario from Krazyaboutteaching:     Copy of Copy of uUAD6A_F.jpg

Misty Savario is a 1st Grade teacher in South Louisiana (Cajun Country.)  She is a married mother of 2.  Emily who is 15 and Tyler who is 12.  
Misty has been teaching for 8 years and was honored to be chosen as the 2009-2010 Teacher of the year.  She is an ITEC and Lead tech showcase teacher.  She presents at tech conferences on a local and state level.  She was also a tech guest on the Global Edventures blab.  She is one of the hosts of The Teacher Blab Show on and on Teaching Tech on  
Misty loves to teach others about her tech tips on Periscope.  Follow her on her twitter handle:  emtysmom
You can follow her on
Thank you for joining me for this Feature Teacher Tuesday!  Please check out Misty Savario and don’t forget to join us next week for a new Feature Teacher!