January 7, 2016

Guided Reading and Literacy Centers

Guided Reading & Literacy Centers
Back to work after spending endless hours watching Downton Abbey over the break, Hey don’t judge I had to get caught up before the last season premiered!

Before the break we assessed our students on their dibels progress and reading levels. So over the break, I regrouped my students based on their scores and their needs. I thought  I would share how I run my guided reading/Literacy centers. I have 5 reading groups. During my guided reading time,  I touch my reds(students with greatest needs)  5 days a week. 3 days we are reading a text on their instructional level and the other two days we work on intervention strategies. My yellows come to me 3 days a week and we read a text and work on retell and comprehension.. I will also work on strategies as needed . I find these kiddos just need the extra practice with reading fluency. My greens and blues (on and above level) I touch at the beginning of the week and I assign them a Scholastic Short read. 
I love using Scholastic short reads with these guys. These are great for working on text features.  

WE also use these for research for our All About Unit in Writer’s workshop. I love that they are laminated double sided and very colorful to keep student's attention.

What are the other students doing?
So what are the other students doing while I am working away at my reading table? They are rotating through 5 stations that allow students to work collaboratively to practice previously taught skills.

Word Work

This is the time when students word on their words their way sort or other activities that support their spelling instruction. Activities through out the week are color the correct pattern.. This week we have been reviewing our long vowel sounds with silent e.  

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Reading center is a favorite in my class. During this time students are reading to themselves or with a partner. For January we are right in the middle of our All About units in Writer’s workshop. So  I have lots of non fiction books available for students to research about their topics. Polar animals is always a favorite topic!


In the writing center students work on different things throughout the week. We practice good sentence formation, reading our sentences with a partner, journal and free writing. This week students are making silly sentences and choosing two sentences to write and illustrate.

Students use my symbaloo page to choose between Starfall, ABCYA, tumble books or bookflix

Students use listen to stories on the app Speakaboos. I love Speakaboos because students can choose the stories that interest them. As the story is read to the student, the words are highlighted. Students can add stories to their personal bookshelf to read again and again

Practice makes perfect
This is not the case but almost perfect. Lots of practice with procedures and expectations always makes centers and stations more effective and allows students practice with skills they need while letting me work with my readers!
Would love to hear how you run your guided reading groups and center

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