July 12, 2016

TPT sale

Don’t miss out on some great sales today and every Tuesday this summer. Use the code #2forTuesday to see some awesome products half off.
Our back to school Count and color is a great review or introduction to subitizing numbers. When students work with dice they begin to associate the way the dots are arranged with the number. This helps students see the number
without counting which is the foundation of number sense. 

These printable count and color math activities are our best seller. They are great for stations and morning warm up. I use them in my math workshop time. Students practice with dice to help them subitize numbers. Seeing how numbers are arranged and associating that with how many is a important number sense skill. This is a growing bundle. I just added 5 more pages and will add more as the year goes! So get it now for half off!!

Need word work activities? Well here they are. WE created these word work activities to be fun and easy for students to use during stations. Long vowel teams can be hard for students because they always want to give that vowel the short sound! These printable activities are a great addition to your word work time.

Get them while they are 50 % off

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