August 1, 2016

Back 2 School
It's that time again...How can it be?? I am finally getting the hang of lounging in my PJ's all day and you turn around and it's August. SO let's celebrate this awesome month with a site wide TPT sale(a little shopping retail always helps) Use the coded BESTYEAR to receive 28% off  items in our store. 
Check out some of these great resources to help make this your best year ever. 
Hands down this is our best seller. This number sense pack helps students see number arrangements and helps students begin to see numbers without counting on their fingers. Students begin to recognize the dots on the dice and associate that arrangement with the correct number. These math activities are great for beginning of the year. I use them for math workshop to practice procedures for math workshop during those first few weeks. Great addition to your back to school file!

ANOTHER great resource are our vowel and word work packs. These are great for review at the beginning of the year or they are great to add to your daily word work or literacy center activities. 
We have worked hard all summer updating and adding to each pack. Each pack contains color sheets for each word family or pattern, fluency passage, read it write it stamp it, word search, sorting activities. They provide a variety of activities to support your phonics and word study programs. 


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