October 21, 2015

I know how my kids feel....

As teachers we keep on top of current trends so we can best meet the needs of our students. The past two days have been filled with lots of training and professional development. Our district this year has decided to pull us out of class and provide subs for us, which I'm not complaining, okay yes I am. Am I the only one who stresses over sub plans and then while I am out of the classroom it is hard for me to focus on the training because my mind is on information overload and what I need to be doing back at school with my kiddos. Having this kind of day makes me have empathy for my little ones who struggle and need information presented in a different way or in smaller segments. So I'm not so sure how much I actually got out of the training but I did come back with a new mind set of taking my time with those little learners and making sure I don't put them on overload.

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