November 2, 2015

Yay! November is here!!!

Anyone else glad to say goodbye to October? Here in NC we had a straight week of rain, full moon, red ribbon week and Halloween!! It has been wild to say the least! And like we say in the south 'Bless their hearts", not sure who that would be for, the teacher or the students! I say the teachers. So that is why I am glad to say goodbye to October! Super busy getting ready for parent conferences this week and trying to just stay organized. So today I just needed a moment to sit and clear my table, you know the one that has all the millions of papers stacked on it, parent notes, contraband, a Hershey bar wrapper and a few pattern blocks too. Anyone else guilty of this.... So in celebration of November arriving, I couldn't wait to let my kiddos try out some pages from our newest pack. My kids loved them. I don't know why I get so excited to use all the "themey" stuff but I just love it. Took a few pictures and had to giggle as one of my cuties still had some zombie bites from Halloween.
You can check out this November Math Pack Here
Happy November Y'all!!!!

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