November 15, 2015

Digital Publishing with Chatterpix

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Too blessed to be stressed. Isn't that the saying? Well not so sure I believe that, yes  I am super blessed but the stress still seems to find me. As a Pinnacle leader for my county, I have to incorporate technology into my lessons. I love having 20 ipads that come along with this leadership position, but getting 21 students to complete a simple digital publishing project can sometimes be daunting , it's supposed to be easy right??? Well it wasn't easy but  I was bound and determined to have my students digitally publish a writing piece before parent conference, AND it actually happened. This project also had a math integration. We love ready Spookley the Square pumpkin and it just so happens that our math unit for October was Shapes and Patterns. So after reading Spookley students chose a shape and made their own Spookleys. Next we used Chatterpix(free in the app store, see icon above) for students to animate their Spookley. Its super easy to use. You just take a picture of the shape or whatever it is you want to animate. Then follow the directions to make a mouth and record your voice. My students wrote once sentence on how to be a nice friend. I took this one step further. After making their Chatterpix, I uploaded each to a file on my goggle drive then  I created a QR code for each one using After printing out all the codes, I put them on the student created Spookleys and made a display in the 
in the hall. On Conference night students could not wait to come and scan their Spookleys for their parents to see.
Here are some of our finished products

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